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Get Expert Lighting Control with our Dimmers and Controllers Range

Lightsign supply a wide range of DMX/Dali/PWM controllers and decoders for LED lighting systems. Lightsign controllers and dimmers offer excellent functionality with options ranging from simple single-zone controllers to more advanced multi-zone setups. Full dimming control, colour mixing, and colour balancing options are supported. Our touch panel and wireless remote controllers are perfect for LED […]

Sign Manufacturers: Having Lighting Assembly Capacity Problems?

Lightsign provide pre-assembled lightbox inserts complete with LED modules and power supplies ready for connection to mains power. Our lighting engineers assemble and test the LED modules and power supplies to ensure bright, uniform lighting designed specifically for your signage installations. With everything in place and ready to go, our service drastically reduces your installation […]

Lightsign: Your Specialist Signage Lighting Supplier and Technical Partner

Spending too much time getting your LED modules to work in certain sign applications? Sign manufactures often misuse resources by forcing the same led module that they stock to suit all signage applications. This creates inefficiencies that result in wasted product and labour which equal CASH. By working with Lightsign as your specialist lighting distributor […]

Large Lightboxes and Built-up Letter Illumination, where Less is More

Lightsign supply Tetra PowerMax, the perfect solution for large lightboxes, cabinets and deep channel built-up letters. The PowerMax offers ultra-bright lighting that enables large line-spacing and reduces the quantity of modules required. The PowerMax combines high brightness and low quantity for fast and efficient installation. The wiring between the LEDs is preassembled (as shown below) […]

Time, Temperature and Fuel Price Displays – Save Time, Energy and Money with our Built-in Lighting Control

Partnering with Linnos, Lightsign supply outdoor time, temperature and fuel price displays. These high-quality LED numerical displays feature automatic brightness control ensuring optimal display brightness day or night. During the day, our fuel price signs operate at a higher output so that the LEDs are visible even in direct sunlight. For maximum visibility at night […]

Letter and Lightbox Illumination – Keep Costs Low with Lightsign’s Layout and Estimation Service

Lightsign’s layout and estimation service provides expert consultation on the materials, quantities and distribution required to create bright, uniform lighting in letters and lightboxes. Simply send us your job specifications and our team of sign lighting experts will help you efficiently and effectively illuminate your signs. We can calculate the number of modules and power supplies […]

LED Trough Lighting – A Bright, Reliable and Efficient Solution for Signage Manufacturers

Our Trough Lighting is specifically designed to offer signage manufacturers a bright, reliable and energy-efficient external fascia lighting system. It is an epoxy powder coated extruded aluminium with press formed end caps and an integrated diffuser lens. The fitting consists of an IP67 rated LED light engine with a power consumption of 15 watts per metre. Lightsign […]