Solve Internal Communication Issues with Lightsign’s Digital Display Screens and Services

Many organisations are currently struggling to communicate internally. For companies with dozens or even thousands of employees, it can be difficult to keep everyone informed and up-to-date with company news. Just keeping everyone on the same page is a major task. That’s why Lightsign developed our Internal Communication Screens service.

Utilising the power of our digital message display systems we can create fully customisable digital messages to match all our customer’s needs. Whether you are displaying HD video, live company data, stock reports or even all of these at once; our robust software gives you control.

What Information can you Display?

  • Company Messages, Images, HD Videos
  • Event and Social Announcements
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Emergency Announcements
  • Welcome Messages
  • Meeting Room Schedules
  • Sales/Marketing KPIs and Metrics
  • Google Analytics Data
  • Live News and Weather Feeds
  • Live Stock Reports
  • Way Finding

Meeting Room Scheduling Screen

Digital Meeting Schedule

Benefits of Internal Communication Screens

  • Increases employee engagement creating a well-informed and more productive workforceInternal Communication Screens
  • Improves flow of information
  • Encourages knowledge sharing and cross-departmental collaboration
  • Gives incentives for achieving goals and targets
  • Fosters a culture of corporate transparency
  • Rapid dissemination of information
  • Can be departmentally targeted

In companies where a lot of employees have no computer access, such as in the manufacturing industry, intranets or company e-mail blasts are ineffective. Placing our digital displays in around the workplace effectively gets your message to all of your staff. Our service ensures that your company information flows effectively and with clarity.


Lightsign understand the importance of high-quality visuals. Our internal communication screens are commercial quality, built for visibility, readability and display.


We partner with Media4Display to create fully customisable digital display messages to match all our customer’s needs. Whether you are displaying HD video, live company data, current weather reports or even all of these at once; our robust software gives you control to display engaging and effective messages on our internal communication screens.

Software Information Sheet


The Lightsign maintenance team service hundreds of digital signage sites. Whether problems can be solved remotely or on site, our engineers provide expert support to make sure all our customers keep benefiting from our digital message displays. With remote software control our team can support site across Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Lightsign Offer a Complete Internal Communications Package

Lightsign offer a one-stop-solution for internal communication problems. We provide a complete package including the hardware, software, integration, training, ongoing support and maintenance – our internal communication screens networks are expertly designed and fully supported.

We can provide training on how to use our systems as well as offering advice and consultancy delivering well structure and effective internal communication campaigns.


Easy to change and update

Engages all employees

internal comms screen