Sign Manufacturers: Having Lighting Assembly Capacity Problems?


Lightsign provide pre-assembled lightbox inserts complete with LED modules and power supplies ready for connection to mains power. Our lighting engineers assemble and test the LED modules and power supplies to ensure bright, uniform lighting designed specifically for your signage installations. With everything in place and ready to go, our service drastically reduces your installation time to provide savings on labour costs. Our pre-assembled lighting service also removes the hassle of module positioning. With our lighting expertise we can guarantee optimal module placement and spacing for every sign.

Lightsign supply high quality LED modules and power supplies. Our LEDs are built to last a minimum of 5 years while maintaining their brightness for their entire life-cycle. That’s why all our LED products come with a 5-year warranty. Lightsign are committed to helping our customers get the best results with their signage illumination.

Get Stunning Results Like These using our pre-assembled lighting

Get Stunning Results Like These using our pre-assembled lighting

With our lighting expertise and high-quality products, our pre-assembled signage illumination solutions deliver excellent lighting for all your signage projects. With quick and easy to installation, this service is great for signage projects where time on-site is limited. It can help with busy installation schedules by reducing the time needed per job. Lightsign offer pre-assembled signage illumination services, free consultation and a layout service to support signage manufacturers in delivering expert lighting.

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