UX Series Touch Panel

UX7 Touch Panel Controller

Product Description

The UX7 is a multi-functional touch panel controller. It can be connected to DMX512, RF wireless, wifi control or remote control. The UX7 controls up to 4 lighting zones for single colour, bi-colour, RGB and RGBW LED colour options. With 0-100% dimming, and up to 4 lighting zones the UX7 touch panel controllers offers highly customisable yet intuitive lighting control. The user-friendly design of the colour control wheel allows for precise control.


  • Multiple control options include smartphone control via wifi
  • Multi-faceted lighting options
  • 4 zone lighting control


  • Highly flexible lighting control options
  • User-friendly and intuitive

UX7 Sample


Input Voltage:                     5Vdc 0.5A~1A (with a power adapter)
Output Signal:                     RF 2.4GHz / DMX512
Control Mode:                     RGB 4 Zones Control
Working Temp:                    -30℃~55℃
Package Size:                      L132×W192×H50(mm)
Weight(N.W.):                      230g
Weight(G.W.):                      370g