LED Giant Outdoor Video Screen

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Product Description

LED Outdoor Video screens

Indoor and Outdoor, Renting or fixed installations, Advertising Viewing Distances just some of the important questions to ask before choosing the LED screen that suits your application.

AT Lightsign our team have been working in the LED display market for many years and we are here to help you choose the best and most cost effective Screen to suit your business.

Choose from a range of 3 in 1 SMD led screens and standard RGB models, Lightweight Aluminium cases or lower cost steel cases for fixed installations. We will support you from initial design to commissioning if required.

Outdoor Models
P10 1R1G1B LED configuration
P12 1R1G1B LED configuration
P14 1R1G1B LED configuration
P16 1R1G1B LED configuration
P20 1R1G1B LED configuration