Tetra power max

Tetra Power Max

Product Description

Our brightest solution for large channel letters
Tetra® PowerMAX is the LED system for large size channel letters that’s 3% brighter than our previous product. Tetra PowerMAX features OptiLens™, a patented GE technology that maximizes LED performance by capturing otherwise wasted light and redirecting it towards the illuminated surface. The Tetra PowerMAX LED lighting system delivers bright, uniform light across a large surface area, allowing sign builders to illuminate their signs with less LEDs, reducing overall system costs.



Can cut product required almost in half
Many LED systems use about 13 LED modules in 2 rows to fill a 127mm deep, capitol “T” channel letter that’s 900mm high. Improved Tetra PowerMAX requires just 7 LED modules to fill the exact same letter (giving up some brightness) while providing outstanding uniformity. That’s 46% fewer modules. Tetra PowerMAX stretches stroke spacing to an impressive 300mm while maintaining remarkable light uniformity on the sign face. It protects customers’ brand image while reducing product costs and saving installation time.




12% Greater Loading is a competitive advantage
Our system can now operate 8.5m of product per 60W power supply (up from 7.5m in our previous design) for even greater material and installation labor savings.



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24V Tetra PowerMAX / SIGN 173

Tetra Power MAX / SIGN 101