T5 LongLast Linear Fluorescent Lamps

Product Description

T5 LongLast lamps are triphosphor fluorescent lamps with 16mm outer diameter (5/8 of an inch). These lamps feature “StarcoatTM Technology” that delivers high quality triphosphor performance. GE produces two ranges of T5 LongLastTM lamps in 4 different lengths:
•  High Efficiency offering high lumens per watt
•  High Output offering improved lumen package

High Efficiency lamps
The High Efficiency range of T5 LongLastTM brings lumen  efficacy up to 105 lm/W. Combined with an extremely  long service life, this range of lamps is ideally suited for commercial and retail application in both direct and  combined direct/indirect luminaires.

High Output lamps
The extremely high surface illuminance of the High Output T5 LongLastTM range makes these lamps ideal for indirect  luminaires. These are the best suited to uplighting systems or direct lighting in high ceiling applications, such as those in canopies or industrial situations.

Application areas
•  Retail
•  Office
•  Schools
•  Commercial
•  Industrial
•  Sports halls

•  High efficiency – up to 105 lumens per watt – for ongoing  cost savings
•  High lumen output – up to 7,000 lumens – for improved  system efficacy and reduced number of fittings
•  Very long and reliable product life – up to 36,000 hours
•  High colour quality – CRI 85Ra
•  Low mercury content – 2.5mg
•  Reduced environmental impact (less waste) than T8 lamps
•  Smaller physical dimensions for improved light output control and smaller, more aesthetic fittings
•  Peak lumen output at 35°C
•  Designed only for HF-operation – higher lamp efficacy and lower ballast losses than conventional ballasts

GE Lighting T5 LongLastTM linear fluorescent lamps comply with IEC/EN 60061, IEC/EN 60081 and IEC/EN 61195.