T5 Miniature Standard, Triphosphor and Specfill

Product Description

T5 Miniature fluorescent lamps are designed for confined spaces of household and industrial applications. These lamps are widely used in different applications such as furniture cabinets, mobile homes as well as sign illumination. T5 Miniature lamps are well suited for use in maintained and non-maintained emergency modules and escape signs.

T5 Miniature Standard lamps have halophosphate coating providing good colour rendering, life and luminous efficacy. With this range, GE offers you an economic solution for general application areas.

T5 Miniature Triphosphor lamps offer excellent colour quality and energy efficiency. These lamps give 15% higher lumen output than the halophosphate coated range. T5 Miniature Triphosphor lamps are suitable for all types of application areas where quality of light is an important factor.

GE’s T5 Miniature SpecfillTM lamps are specially designed for high-frequency emergency operation, and are also a perfect fit and a premium solution in any other T5 Miniature application. The robust cathode design of these lamps ensure very good reliability at low operating power in emergency mode as well as extending the lifetime in normal operation to 8,000 hours.

Application areas
•  Domestic
•  Industrial sites
•  Emergency modules
•  Signage

Product range
T5 Miniature lamps are available in 4 wattages: 4, 6, 8 and 13W. The available colour temperatures are:

•  Halophosphate coating: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
•  Triphosphor coating: 2700K, 4000K, 6500K

The T5 Miniature linear fluorescent lamps comply with IEC/EN  60061, IEC/EN 60081 and IEC/EN 61195.