T8 LongLast Linear Fluorescent Lamps 18W, 36W, 58W and 70W

T8 LongLast Linear Fluorescent Lamps 18W, 36W, 58W and 70W

In today’s business environment there is an increased need for lighting products that are helping to minimize operation costs and also providing environmentally responsible design. GE’s new T8 LongLastTM range was designed to further improve reliability and drastically increase life performance without compromising on other key features of the product, such as initial lumen and lumen maintenance. These lamps provide a way to achieve even greater savings by providing extra long life, this premium product lowers maintenance costs.

•  Very long and reliable product life up to 46,000 hours (on HF electronic gear)
•  Best of class light output – same as for original T8 PolyluxTM XLrTM
•  Up to 18% more light output than standard halophosphate tubes
•  Excellent (90%) lumen maintenance at 20,000 hours
•  Outstanding colour rendering through the advanced coating technology (Ra value of 85)
•  Environmentally friendly product – RoHS compliant and contains recyclable components
•  Can be used on existing control gears and fixtures

Application areas
•  Retail
•  Domestic
•  Office
•  Warehouses
•  Industrial sites
•  Other commercial environments

Product range
T8 LongLastTM lamps are available in 4 wattages: 18, 36, 58  and 70W. The available colour temperatures are:
•  3000K warm white
•  4000K cool white

The T8 LongLastTM linear fluorescent lamps comply with IEC/EN 60061, IEC/EN 60081 and IEC/EN 61195.

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