Introduce Visitors to your Business with Personalised Reception Screens

Office Screen reception

Reception Screens

First impressions are important. Welcome visitors with personalised greeting messages, your company branding, visitor information and more with our new reception screens. Imagine walking into a new office for a meeting and the first thing you see is a tv screen with your name, title and meeting information on it. Now that’s an impression that will last.

So how does it work?

We use a custom package of screens, media players and software to revamp your internal communications. Used for reception area, offices, canteens and common areas, our  service provides instant, company wide internal communication.

Reserve Meeting Rooms using our Digital Booking Software

Digital Meeting Schedule

Lightsign Offer the Complete Package

  • Screens

  • Software

  • Media Players

  • Installation

  • Training & Consultancy

  • Maintenance & Network Security

What Information can you Display?

  • Meeting Room Schedules
  • Sales/Marketing KPIs and Metrics
  • Google Analytics Data
  • Company Logos/Branding
  • Live Stock Reports
  • Way Finding
  • Company Targets
  • Company Messages, Images, HD Videos
  • Event and Social Announcements
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Emergency Announcements
  • Welcome Messages
  • Live News & Weather Feeds

The Process

Are you looking for 1 screen or 20? Do you want one or all of our above features? Get in touch! Our internal communications team can provide free consultation and estimates to help find the the best service to match your needs.

Our Team can Outline a Custom Package for your Business

reception screen signage


Our screens have a variety of uses and capabilities. Suitable for reception areas as well as offices, canteens, meeting rooms, common area, and even factory floors/warehouses. Once the location of each screen is decided the installation will be completed with minimal disruption to your business.

Installation is Quick and Easy with Minimal Disruption to your Business

How Do I Use The Software?

We install media players and software so every screen can be controlled together from a secure online login. The software is easy to use and intuitive. Combined with some basic training, you will be an expert in no time. We can even provide consultancy for integrating your internal communications strategy with your new internal communications screen network.

Once setup and ready to go, we will provide continued remote support. If you need help, just give us a call.