Renovate your In-store Display with Lightsign’s Digital Solutions for Retail

70% of retail purchase decisions are not made until the customer is in the store. In-store display can be crucial for maximising retail sales. Lightsign supply a range of digital solutions to modernise in-store displays and increase retail profitability. Increase menu and advertising flexibility while reducing print wastage cost. Want to change one menu item without needed a poster/billboard rework? No problem. Our in-store retail screens are great for retailers, cafes and restaurants.

Digital Menu Displays

Our in-store displays are great solutions for menu display in kiosks cafes, restaurant and food retailers. Make your menu stand out with the Lightsign digital message display. Grabbing people’s focus, our ultra-bright and easy to read digital menus draw attention to your products/services. But don’t just settle for improved visibility – our digital display software enables customers to be flexible with their menus. Does your breakfast menu finish at 11am? Our software can be easily scheduled to switch menus for you automatically. Do you want to change the price of your meal deal? Our software can update the artwork remotely on all your menus across all your stores.

In-store Media Displays

Lightsign digital message displays bring in-store media to life. We partner with Phillips to source our screens ensuring high quality displays for all our customers. Our robust custom software enables retailers to easily display multiple HD image and video messages to their customers. Lightsign digital messages are customisable to give retailers the ability to be proactive with their in-store display.

Retail Screen Display – How it Works

We connect media players and install software on our screens to give customers the ability to easily control all their in-store displays/menu boards etc from a laptop or pc. Screen display can be setup on individual screens or across the whole network. Display adverts, store offers, product photos, prices and menus to impact consumer purchasing decisions. We use digital signage as a modern solution to in-store promotion.