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Lightsign supply a wide range of DMX/Dali/PWM controllers and decoders for LED lighting systems. Lightsign controllers and dimmers offer excellent functionality with options ranging from simple single-zone controllers to more advanced multi-zone setups. Full dimming control, colour mixing, and colour balancing options are supported. Our touch panel and wireless remote controllers are perfect for LED […]

Lightsign provide pre-assembled lightbox inserts complete with LED modules and power supplies ready for connection to mains power. Our lighting engineers assemble and test the LED modules and power supplies to ensure bright, uniform lighting designed specifically for your signage installations. With everything in place and ready to go, our service drastically reduces your installation time to provide savings on labour costs. Our pre-assembled lighting service also removes the hassle of module positioning. With our lighting expertise we can guarantee optimal module placement and spacing for every sign.

Lightsign supply high quality LED modules and power supplies. Our LEDs are built to last a minimum of 5 years while maintaining their brightness for their entire life-cycle. That’s why all our LED products come with a 5-year warranty. Lightsign are committed to helping our customers get the best results with their signage illumination.

Get Stunning Results Like These using our pre-assembled lighting

Get Stunning Results Like These using our pre-assembled lighting

With our lighting expertise and high-quality products, our pre-assembled signage illumination solutions deliver excellent lighting for all your signage projects. With quick and easy to installation, this service is great for signage projects where time on-site is limited. It can help with busy installation schedules by reducing the time needed per job. Lightsign offer pre-assembled signage illumination services, free consultation and a layout service to support signage manufacturers in delivering expert lighting.

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Spending too much time getting your LED modules to work in certain sign applications?

Sign manufactures often misuse resources by forcing the same led module that they stock to suit all signage applications. This creates inefficiencies that result in wasted product and labour which equal CASH. By working with Lightsign as your specialist lighting distributor and sign lighting partner, these inefficiencies can be avoided. Lightsign provide local and immediate advice on the type of LED module, light output and optics best suited to each individual application on your work bench. This advice and support is free for all Lightsign customers. With our help, sign manufacturers get exactly what they need to ensure bright uniform lighting for every sign in the most cost-effective way.

The 24V Minimax MS is the perfect LED lighting solution for channel letters as shallow as 38mm deep and as narrow as 13mm wide.

The Minimax MS is the perfect LED lighting solution for channel letters as shallow as 38mm deep and as narrow as 13mm wide.

Lightsign a wide range of LED modules and power supplies with thousands of metres in stock at all times. Our range is widely varied to suit all applications from very small channel letters to giant lightboxes, single and double-sided. The Lightsign range of products suits all needs. We supply LED products from world leading manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best results.

With same-day and next-day deliveries, Lightsign provide quick and effective solutions. We sell the materials needed to produce bright and uniform sign lighting for every individual application. All products stocked by Lightsign are covered by a 5-year warranty and we advise clearly on installation the requirements to ensure these warranties will stand up.

Whether your signage lighting projects are large or small, Lightsign believe in delivering only the best results.

Whether your signage lighting projects are large or small, Lightsign believe in delivering the best results.

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Lightsign supply Tetra PowerMax, the perfect solution for large lightboxes, cabinets and deep channel built-up letters. The PowerMax offers ultra-bright lighting that enables large line-spacing and reduces the quantity of modules required. The PowerMax combines high brightness and low quantity for fast and efficient installation. The wiring between the LEDs is preassembled (as shown below) so that it can simply be pulled to a suitable length as needed removing the need for extra connections between large line spacings and eliminating cable shadows between modules.


Pre-assembled easy to use wiring


Our PowerMax solution tackles the inefficiencies of alternative LED components. With less modules and flexible spacing options, the PowerMax saves signage manufacturers time and money. With a long-rated life of 50,000 hours, the Tetra PowerMax is the most effective, efficient and reliable choice for large lightboxes and letter illumination.

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Large Format Lightbox Illuminated with PowerMax LED

Partnering with Linnos, Lightsign supply outdoor time, temperature and fuel price displays. These high-quality LED numerical displays feature automatic brightness control ensuring optimal display brightness day or night. During the day, our fuel price signs operate at a higher output so that the LEDs are visible even in direct sunlight. For maximum visibility at night however, the brightness needs to be adjusted to a lower setting to avoid glare and save energy. Our sensors control this automatically to save time and money.


The brightness sensors also control the lighting load eliminating the need for a lighting photocell or timer. Usually the forecourt manager would operate the totem sign lighting manually with multiple switches. A sensor control simplifies the process. Standard photocells usually activate just before nightfall when it is almost fully dark. However, we custom design our sensors specifically for the signage industry so that displays activate at dusk-level brightness – this ensures that your signage is always visible. Our custom-built sensors can simultaneously dim/brighten the fuel price display while simultaneously turning on/off the totem lighting.

Our time, temperature and fuel price display feature automatic lighting control to provide our customers with a hassle-free solution that saves time, energy and money.

Lighting Control System Operating the Price Display and Lightboxes

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Our Trough Lighting is specifically designed to offer signage manufacturers a bright, reliable and energy-efficient external fascia lighting system. It is an epoxy powder coated extruded aluminium with press formed end caps and an integrated diffuser lens. The fitting consists of an IP67 rated LED light engine with a power consumption of 15 watts per metre. Lightsign LED trough lighting is more dependable and efficient than traditional fluorescent options. Our premium quality trough systems provide years of consistent, reliable performance.

The trough comes complete with wall mounting brackets and an extension cut to a size of 200mm. The angle of the trough can be adjusted using one of seven different positions. It is up to 4 metres in length and can be cut to any size or extended using an internal coupler. With customisable length and angle positions this is an adaptable solution, enabling signage manufacturers to be more flexible with their designs.

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Available in black, white or other RAL colours, the discrete design puts all the focus on the sign itself. The super bright LED lighting transforms overlooked signage into stand-out, eye-catching displays. Regardless of the weather or the time of day, signage manufacturers can be confident that their installations stand out with bright, reliable and efficient trough lighting.

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Lightsign supply high quality LED lighting systems for billboards and lightboxes. Our LED solutions offer billboard manufacturers and maintenance companies better light distribution and efficiency over traditional fluorescent lighting, HID lighting and competing LED systems.

Our LED lighting is a robust and reliable solution that delivers the strongest ROI for the end customer. Traditional lighting such as fluorescent bulbs are not dependable and require continuous maintenance. Our LEDs and power supplies all come with a 5-year warranty ensuring consistent results without spiralling upkeep costs. Lightsign supply GE Tetra LEDs and power supplies that are expertly engineered for quality and efficiency. Our range of products are top of the line, delivering better light distribution and longevity over competing LED systems.

Large Format Lightbox for King's Crisps

Back-lit Billboard Powered by Tetra PowerMax

Large format lightboxes and billboards are a beacon for the brand on display and have a huge impact on their corporate identity. It is vital that the high-quality imagery and artwork used in billboards and lightboxes is accurately represented with effective lighting. Inadequate lighting can result in the advert having dark patches or misaligned colour schemes. Marketing campaigns are a huge expense, and misrepresenting the image quality is unacceptable to many brands.

This can be avoided with our LED solutions. Lightsign offer a layout service that provides consultation on the installation of our LED lighting. Our engineers assess the dimensions of the display and provide expert advice to ensure that all billboards and lightboxes manufactured with Lightsign’s LED solutions are expertly illuminated with evenly distributed lighting. This creates beautiful, sleek and eye-catching imagery that faithfully represents the corporate message.

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Large Format Lightbox Display for Hop House 13

Large Format Lightbox Display Powered by Tetra PowerMax

Lightsign provide digital signage suppliers with high quality, in demand led message displays. Offering unique end-user benefits, we supply our customers with sought-after and easy to sell signage. Our range of led message displays exemplify the benefits that Lightsign deliver, to both our customers and end-users.

Casino Message Display

HD Full Colour Video Display

Our Led Message displays come in a range of options from single colour text display to full colour HD video. The physical size of the LED scrolling message display can be customized to order. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, our outdoor message boards reside in waterproof housing and use very bright LED’s so they can be seen in direct sunshine. Controlled using wired or wireless options on windows base computers allowing control access remotely if required.

End-User Benefits

  • Customisable message display
  • Animated messages stand out over traditional signage
  • User friendly controls
  • High brightness leds: visible in direct sunlight
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Two year on-site warranty

Supplier Benefits

  • Sought after and in demand products
  • High quality, bespoke signage
  • Excellent after-sale support
  • Expert consultation and advice

LED Variable Text Display at Blackrock Clinic

Using only the highest quality LED components our signs are super-bright and reliable. Lightsign provide bespoke led message displays that have many benefits for the end-user such as energy efficiency and user-friendly controls. These features are designed to help signage suppliers negate end-user concerns and improve their sales. We manufacture our led message displays with the entire supply chain in mind to provide our customers with top quality signage components.

For more information please email [email protected] or call +353 (0) 1 457 3683.

The GE Tetra range has been relaunched, introducing a new generation of LED solutions that deliver even greater performance. The range has been upgraded to 24v from the previous 12v generation and introduces the new OptiLens™ X technology to increase viewing angles up to 175°. The new generation enhances performance and visibility to deliver excellent results.

Tetra 24v Benefits

The improvement in brightness decreases the number of modules required in a sign cabinet or letter by up to 55% and power supplies by 66%. This gives signage manufacturers a huge increase in loading capabilities – saving both labour and material costs. Across the range, module width has been reduced to allow for greater flexibility in both installation and application. With a reduction of channel width, manufacturers have better spacing options.

The new generation also improves efficiency. The range brings in a 38% reduction of energy usage to also pass the benefits onto the end user.

For more information on our range of led products for built-up-letters, please email [email protected] or call +353 (0) 1 457 3683


New ergonomics, new design, and even more powerful software

The 4th version of Media4Display digital signage software is now available

Lightsign are very pleased to release the latest version of Media4display the digital signage solution from Telelogos our software partner.


illu-tv-m4dDigital signage software is constantly evolving, the look, feel and ergonomics of Media4Display have been revamped for this 4th version.
Media4Display V4.0 uses the latest web interface technologies of and is in line with the classics such as Windows® 10, Outlook® planning, Google™ Docs and Google™ Images.
The media store, slides, sequences, planning and homepage have been reorganized while conserving their position (left pop out menu, simple linking for skipping in and out of the media store, slides and sequences, etc.).

The new version reinforces the use of drag and drop features offering a more functional and fluid interface. It also provides keyboard shortcuts for greater productivity. The aim is to enable users to intuitively navigate and use this even more powerful software with ease than in previous versions.

Widgets are another addition to Media4Display V4.0
With the 4th version of Media4Display you can now create and add widgets to facilitate content integration such as Facebook® or Twitter® feed, a YouTube® video, indicators, clocks, graphs and progress bars…

Telelogos Development

“The new version 4.0 of Media4Display is a real company project. All our services (sales, support, marketing, R&D) were involved in this project from day one, for which we have introduced a new working method.
As for each new version, we consulted end-users users as well as our partners/integrators to draw up the road map, and from that we integrated their needs and requests.
This new version has really improved the look and feel and the overall performance of the software, optimizing its daily use and user experience.
Concerning the players, Media4Display V4.0 supports the latest Android and Windows versions and is continuing to confirm itself as a unique tool to manage screen, tablet and kiosk display.
This new version is already available on our website “.
Christophe BILLAUD, Telelogos Managing Director
About Telelogos
For more than 30 years, Telelogos has worked as an independent European software publisher, specializing in Digital Signage, Mobile Device Management (management of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, rugged terminals, etc.), Mobile Application Management (management of business applications and data synchronization), and remote/fixed device management (POS, back office, automate systems, etc…).

Telelogos offers highly effective, reliable, secure software solutions for companies, public organizations and retail market. More than 400,000 Telelogos licenses have been sold to date. Major corporations and small and medium-sized businesses use the software on a daily basis to manage their strategic data exchanges, their fleets of remote devices, or their digital signage installations.