GE Current, a Daintree Company, Adds New Generation of Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium Lamps to Their Horticulture Range

London, UK – 15 July, 2020

GE Current, a Daintree company, announces the addition of their new Lucalox HPS lamps. Building from the previous GE Lucalox, the new range boasts a much longer lifespan, higher PAR maintenance and lower maintenance costs. All of which will contribute to increased growth and reduced costs for greenhouse growers.

Malcolm Yare, the Business Development Manager for Horticulture at GE Current had this to say,

“GE Lucalox has been trusted by greenhouse growers around the world for its high quality, long lifespan and superior photosynthetic efficiency, ever since high pressure sodium lighting was first introduced. By offering Lucalox® alongside our Arize® LED portfolio, we can ensure that growers have access to Current’s market-leading innovation, performance and reliability whether they are growing in a fully controlled environment, with 100% artificial lighting, or supplementing the sun in a glasshouse environment.”

It is still true that HPS lighting still plays a massive role in the horticulture industry worldwide, an industry that is increasingly challenged to provide higher crop outputs to keep up with the growing population globally. HPS lighting has been proven to increase growth time per day by enhancing sunlight levels throughout the day. This in turn allows greenhouse growers to extend the growing season even into the winter months.

GE Current has said that the new Lucalox lamps will be available in 600W single-ended 230V and 400W versions. The lamps are rated for a lifetime of 14,000 hours to 90% survivals and a PAR maintenance of 90% at 14,000 hours, improving on the current lifetime usage as well as providing a consistent high light output. Lucalox will enable growers to use the lamps longer, reduce maintenance and replacement costs and support sustainability over a longer term.

GE Current Lucalox lamps will be available to order in Europe from the end of September 2020. Lightsign Ltd is proud to be a GE Current distributor, providing support and guidance when deciding your horticulture needs. For more information on the Lucalox HPS lamps please click the link HERE to see the full description and spec sheet on our site. If you would like to learn more about the full range of GE Current horticulture solutions please click HERE.