Indoor Vertical Farms – Possible with LED

Advances in LED lighting technology now means that indoor farming is a feasible solution for growing crops/plants. Before, farming with traditional fluorescent lighting resulted in astronomical energy cost. But with the energy efficiency of the new Arize LED Horticulture Lighting products, indoor vertical farming is now possible and profitable.

The Benefits of LED Indoor Vertical Farms

  • 2x the normal growing speed
  • 98% less water used
  • 70% less fertiliser
  • No arable land required
  • Close to market – low food miles

The modern consumer expects crops/plants to be available regardless of season. Instead of importing crops/plants from around the globe, farmers in Ireland can use LED technology to grow 365 days of the year and at twice the normal growing speed. The increase in yields combined with the huge reduction in food miles, solves many of the issues facing the today’s farmer.

LED farming lights

Case Study: Jones Food Company Ltd North Lincolnshire

Jones Food Company Ltd. is a prime example of the magic that can result from experts coming together with the vision, creative thinking and experience to tackle an old problem from a new angle. With a growing global population and limited farming resources sparking fears of diminishing nutritional returns, vertical farming – the practice of growing food inside warehouse-type buildings, using artificial light and advanced growth techniques like hydroponics where no soil is used – is seen by many as a potential lifeline. However, with the industry in its infancy, many vertical farms have failed to take the crucial step from small-scale, hobbyist production, to a commercially-viable industrial scale.

Growers of leafy salads and herbs, the Jones Food Company is seeing the benefits of vertical farming with Arize LED Horticulture Lighting. With a growing area of 5120m2 – the size of nearly 26 tennis courts, with growing racks stacked to a height of 11m their new facility produces 420 tonnes of leafy greens per year in the heart of their UK customer base.

For more information on the Jones Food Company’s success with GE’s Arize LED Horticulture Lighting click here.

Indoor vertical farming led

Arize LED Horticulture lighting facilitates indoor vertical farming by providing the most suitable spectrum of light to allow plants to grow indoors efficiently and under ideal conditions. Indoor vertical farming is the modern idea of farming. Crops grow independent of climate.

The led lighting controls growth using 3 spectrums of light. These are different light patterns to control reproduction and growth patterns. You can control when and how much light your crops/plants receive.

The Arize Horticulture leds are available in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft lengths. Installation is fast and simple with mounting clip. they can also be daisy chained end to end making installation easy. They’re IP66 and UL wet rated with a 30,000 hour rated life and a 5-year limited warranty.

Arize LED Horticulture lighting are available now at Lightsign. For more information please call +353 (0) 1 457 3683 or email [email protected]