Get Flexible LED Neon Lighting with no Heating Required

Get Flexible LED Neon Lighting with no Heating Required

Lightsign’s new LED Neon Flex Slim provides signage manufacturers a complete neon replacement system that can be easily bent and shaped for hassle-free faux neon lighting. The 5mm profile is one of the slimmest on the market, giving our system unmatched flexibility.

No heating process is required to give the LED flexibility and it is bendable up to 150°. It provides bright, uniform appearance without the hassles of the heat-forming process required with traditional neon tubing.

Led Neon effect lighting

The LED Neon Flex Slim delivers the classic neon appearance with the benefits of LED. Our system is more energy efficient than traditional neon, delivering significant savings to the end-user as well as avoiding the safety and environmental concerns with neon tubing. Most importantly though the flexibility makes installation quick and easy.

The LED Neon Flex Slim is available in 10 metre rolls in a range of colour options including white, yellow, blue, red, amber, green and pink.

To place an order or for more details please email [email protected] or call +353 (0) 1457 3683.