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LED Billboard and Lightbox Illumination – Create Stunning Visual Displays with Consistent and Reliable Results

Lightsign supply high quality LED lighting systems for billboards and lightboxes. Our LED solutions offer billboard manufacturers and maintenance companies better light distribution and efficiency over traditional fluorescent lighting, HID lighting and competing LED systems.

Our LED lighting is a robust and reliable solution that delivers the strongest ROI for the end customer. Traditional lighting such as fluorescent bulbs are not dependable and require continuous maintenance. Our LEDs and power supplies all come with a 5-year warranty ensuring consistent results without spiralling upkeep costs. Lightsign supply GE Tetra LEDs and power supplies that are expertly engineered for quality and efficiency. Our range of products are top of the line, delivering better light distribution and longevity over competing LED systems.

Large Format Lightbox for King's Crisps

Back-lit Billboard Powered by Tetra PowerMax

Large format lightboxes and billboards are a beacon for the brand on display and have a huge impact on their corporate identity. It is vital that the high-quality imagery and artwork used in billboards and lightboxes is accurately represented with effective lighting. Inadequate lighting can result in the advert having dark patches or misaligned colour schemes. Marketing campaigns are a huge expense, and misrepresenting the image quality is unacceptable to many brands.

This can be avoided with our LED solutions. Lightsign offer a layout service that provides consultation on the installation of our LED lighting. Our engineers assess the dimensions of the display and provide expert advice to ensure that all billboards and lightboxes manufactured with Lightsign’s LED solutions are expertly illuminated with evenly distributed lighting. This creates beautiful, sleek and eye-catching imagery that faithfully represents the corporate message.

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Large Format Lightbox Display for Hop House 13

Large Format Lightbox Display Powered by Tetra PowerMax