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Media4display V4 now available


New ergonomics, new design, and even more powerful software

The 4th version of Media4Display digital signage software is now available

Lightsign are very pleased to release the latest version of Media4display the digital signage solution from Telelogos our software partner.


illu-tv-m4dDigital signage software is constantly evolving, the look, feel and ergonomics of Media4Display have been revamped for this 4th version.
Media4Display V4.0 uses the latest web interface technologies of and is in line with the classics such as Windows® 10, Outlook® planning, Google™ Docs and Google™ Images.
The media store, slides, sequences, planning and homepage have been reorganized while conserving their position (left pop out menu, simple linking for skipping in and out of the media store, slides and sequences, etc.).

The new version reinforces the use of drag and drop features offering a more functional and fluid interface. It also provides keyboard shortcuts for greater productivity. The aim is to enable users to intuitively navigate and use this even more powerful software with ease than in previous versions.

Widgets are another addition to Media4Display V4.0
With the 4th version of Media4Display you can now create and add widgets to facilitate content integration such as Facebook® or Twitter® feed, a YouTube® video, indicators, clocks, graphs and progress bars…

Telelogos Development

“The new version 4.0 of Media4Display is a real company project. All our services (sales, support, marketing, R&D) were involved in this project from day one, for which we have introduced a new working method.
As for each new version, we consulted end-users users as well as our partners/integrators to draw up the road map, and from that we integrated their needs and requests.
This new version has really improved the look and feel and the overall performance of the software, optimizing its daily use and user experience.
Concerning the players, Media4Display V4.0 supports the latest Android and Windows versions and is continuing to confirm itself as a unique tool to manage screen, tablet and kiosk display.
This new version is already available on our website “.
Christophe BILLAUD, Telelogos Managing Director
About Telelogos
For more than 30 years, Telelogos has worked as an independent European software publisher, specializing in Digital Signage, Mobile Device Management (management of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, rugged terminals, etc.), Mobile Application Management (management of business applications and data synchronization), and remote/fixed device management (POS, back office, automate systems, etc…).

Telelogos offers highly effective, reliable, secure software solutions for companies, public organizations and retail market. More than 400,000 Telelogos licenses have been sold to date. Major corporations and small and medium-sized businesses use the software on a daily basis to manage their strategic data exchanges, their fleets of remote devices, or their digital signage installations.