Evolve Energy Storage

Lightsign have partnered with Eguana Technology to introduce the Evolve Energy Storage system to the Irish and European market. The Evolve is an energy storage system that simultaneously stores, tracks and manages your solar PV energy and grid use together.

Engineered from the ground up, the Evolve maximises the value of the your solar investment. The Evolve has 2 main functions:

  1. Store and manage your solar PV energy to optimise efficiency.
  2. Store and manage your grid power consumption so that power is withdrawn from the grid during off-peak hours.


  • Up to 5 kW of generation.
  • Fully supported grid tied and backup operation with automated transfer.
  • Simple, flexible installation fully compatible with leading solar PV system suppliers.
  • Industry leading lithium battery technology.
  • Automated PV curtailment for extended duration grid outages.
  • All-in-one solution includes integrated energy meter and SwitchDin Droplet software.
  • 10 year industry standard warranty.

Backup Power Mode

The Evolve Energy system also functions as a backup power during grid outages. The the power goes out, the Evolve system kicks in after 4 seconds to cover your critical energy needs such as your fridge, kitchen appliances and lights.

Stackable Storage

With standard 13 kWh battery capacity, your system is tuned for optimal grid tied operation with up to 5 kW of rooftop solar.

If power resiliency is a high priority for you, battery storage can be easily expanded up to 39 kWh, with two additional battery cabinets.

Universal PV Compatibility

Eguana’s AC coupled topology is designed for compatibility with any solar PV string or micro inverter. The passive connection to the battery system is simply to manage the energy use when connected to the grid. In backup mode, the solar PV system synchronises to the home storage AC output for backup mode battery charging. Independent solar system operation results in a superior, flexible system design for both new and retrofit solar installations.

Track your Energy Consumption

Every Evolve system is pre-integrated with a SwitchDin Droplet. managing your consumption of solar generation is backed by an array of monitoring features via the SwitchDin Stormcloud. Track your generation, storage and consumption data all under one dashboard. Customisable battery management alerts allow you to make decisions about your energy consumption to save you money. See your actual energy costs and savings in real time based on your local tariffs.

Leading battery technology you can trust

The Evolve energy system features the global leader in lithium battery technology. LG Chem’s battery modules with integrated battery management system warrant a 19.2 MWh energy throughout (per 6.5 kWh), providing over a decade of use in a solar self-consumption application.