LED Message Display

LED Message Display

Our LED Message Display features high output LED’s that are bright enough for full visibility in direct sunlight. Our displays are easy to install, giving customers a plug and play option for hassle-free set-up.

The system is controlled by an infra-red (IR) remote control keyboard os RS232 via a local PC. The physical size of the LED scrolling message display can be customized to order.

The LED displays are highly reliable and are designed to get your message across for both indoor and outdoor applications. There are many text animation options, scrolling, flashing, dissolving, appearing etc. Lightsign also provide after-sale support for any customers requiring technical help or information.


  • Ultra-bright LED – Visible in direct sunlight
  • Controlled via local PC for easy message adaption
  • Excellent after-sales support


  • Custom size options with bespoke manufacturing for every order
  • The various moving text and animation options create an eye-catching display


  • Controller: Wireless infra-red keyboard, RS232
  • Size: Made to order in 300mm sections, standard size 1200mm
  • Energy consumption: Max 12W per panel
  • Display: Alpha numeric with animated graphic effects
  • Colour: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White
  • Power supply: 5 Volt DC
  • Environmental conditions: Outdoor and Indoor
  • Warranty 1 year
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