Lucalox HPS Horticulture Lighting

Lucalox HPS Horticulture Lighting

Superb performance and high reliability

GE Current has extended its portfolio further into the horticulture industry with the introduction of the new Lucalox High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps. This is an update to the original Lucalox range, promising to provide a longer lifespan, higher PAR maintenance better ensuring consistent yields and less maintenance costs for greenhouse operations.

HPS lighting provides a crucial role in the horticultural industry. Due to the rise in the global population and demands for increased levels of food, HPS lighting is allowing greenhouse operations to accelerate the growth of their crops, providing increased sunlight and heat levels which will increase over-all crop yields even during the winter months.

For further details on Lucalox download the GE Current spec sheet to the right of this page.


Optimised spectra with superior photosynthetic efficiency


High initial PAR and improved PAR maintenance that drives constant uniform plant growth.


Longer service life and consistently high micromole maintenance over a longer period of time.

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