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Time, Cost and Energy Efficiency – A New Generation of Tetra LED Solutions

The GE Tetra range has been relaunched, introducing a new generation of LED solutions that deliver even greater performance. The range has been upgraded to 24v from the previous 12v generation and introduces the new OptiLens™ X technology to increase viewing angles up to 175°. The new generation enhances performance and visibility to deliver excellent results.

Tetra 24v Benefits

The improvement in brightness decreases the number of modules required in a sign cabinet or letter by up to 55% and power supplies by 66%. This gives signage manufacturers a huge increase in loading capabilities – saving both labour and material costs. Across the range, module width has been reduced to allow for greater flexibility in both installation and application. With a reduction of channel width, manufacturers have better spacing options.

The new generation also improves efficiency. The range brings in a 38% reduction of energy usage to also pass the benefits onto the end user.

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