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LED Message Displays: Offering End-User Features to Benefit Signage Suppliers

Lightsign provide digital signage suppliers with high quality, in demand led message displays. Offering unique end-user benefits, we supply our customers with sought-after and easy to sell signage. Our range of led message displays exemplify the benefits that Lightsign deliver, to both our customers and end-users.

Casino Message Display

HD Full Colour Video Display

Our Led Message displays come in a range of options from single colour text display to full colour HD video. The physical size of the LED scrolling message display can be customized to order. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, our outdoor message boards reside in waterproof housing and use very bright LED’s so they can be seen in direct sunshine. Controlled using wired or wireless options on windows base computers allowing control access remotely if required.

End-User Benefits

  • Customisable message display
  • Animated messages stand out over traditional signage
  • User friendly controls
  • High brightness leds: visible in direct sunlight
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Two year on-site warranty

Supplier Benefits

  • Sought after and in demand products
  • High quality, bespoke signage
  • Excellent after-sale support
  • Expert consultation and advice

LED Variable Text Display at Blackrock Clinic

Using only the highest quality LED components our signs are super-bright and reliable. Lightsign provide bespoke led message displays that have many benefits for the end-user such as energy efficiency and user-friendly controls. These features are designed to help signage suppliers negate end-user concerns and improve their sales. We manufacture our led message displays with the entire supply chain in mind to provide our customers with top quality signage components.

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